Tag.ByElement tags very far away from elements

For some reason Tag.ByElement is positioning the tags all they way in the corner of the view. I tried using offset values, toggling the isOffset input, and still getting the same result.

Interesting. I can’t replicate the issue. What version of Dynamo/Revit are you running?

I am using Revit 2018.3 and Dynamo 2.0.2. I’m attaching the .dyn, but not sure if that will help not having the .rvt.
Looking at the size of the file Iooks like I have some element binding going on there. @JacobSmall loves element binding :slight_smile: Thanks for the AU class!

combine circuits to a jb.dyn (94.7 KB)

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No bindings going on here. Just a big DYN. :slight_smile:

Any chance you’re working with links?

There are links in the project, but the elements I am tagging are created by the .dyn graph.
Using regular manual tagging works fine, it tags right next to it. Maybe it’s something with the .rvt file.

Are you just creating the JB and the tags, or is it the JB, the view, setting view parameters, and the tags?

I am just creating the JB’s and tagging them in an existing view