Door Tags Interior / Exterior

Hi All,

I am trying to tag Doors in a view, and want to separate the internal from external. To be honest I am not very sure I am on the right path. But any thoughts are welcomed. Thank you in advance! :smile:

Use Filter By Boolean Mask instead of list.Filter and you will get the elements instead of numbers as what you have now.

Hi @architectcoding Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it, but didnt get what I expected. On the other hand I modified it a bit and got a step further. Now Im trying to tag but nothing happens. I believe that i`m having trouble understanding what “Link Instance” in the Annotation tag means.

Ok, in this case I think that TagLocation is not the path to the Revit family, but the location of the tag in the view. If you place the pointer over the node title it may display what is requesting for that input.

Edit: It is asking for the points to place the tags. Check this post:

@architectcoding Ive tried two versions for location and here is what I got. Aparently there is something happening, because I can se the points, and they also show in my Revit model (the points) and they are centered. But still, no tag. :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow: