Create annotation tag- replace tag type issues

Hi All,

I am recently having an issue with the create annotation node. i have used it before successfully as well, but in a new project it does not seem to work properly.
To tag walls in views with a particular tag( generic annotation not wall tag) that has an instance parameter(text type.)

Dynamo workflow.
identify walls visible in each view, get wall location ( center line location), place tags on these views.


i have identified all walls visible in respective views, with all location everything taken care of , however the create annotate node from Archilab & genius loci both seems to give an error. it does not place the generic annotation tag, by default it places the wall tag . i tried another workflow where in ,i just tag them by default tag element by location node, then set family type to the generic annotation. It does replace the tags after placing but the instance parameter is not present after placement.

the only round about way , was to place required text notes at same location by dynamo which i did, however wondering why the tag lost its parameter which was text- instance type after placement
i will upload more images for reference soon

. any help would be appreciated .
thank you

Maybe an obvious one you already tried but, did you try changing the ‘lacing’ of the node to longest?

yes tried lacing as well, but same results. so i managed to work around by opting with another workflow where in i am placing the annotation ( family instance by view, location, type)rather than creating or changing type of family after placement, it definitely worked fine & was easier approach
thanks for the replies though.cheers.:+1:

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