Switch columns and rows in Schedules

Hello I’ve been looking for a script in forum that will allow me to flip the columns and rows in a schedule, is this possible somehow ? i used the scrip to export it to excel but can’t manage to import it back into Revit and get a vertical schedule. can anyone help?
PS: still new to dynamo

Use "List Transpose"Node

thank you for your quick response. That’s where i’m stuck, any tips on how to make it work? nothing is changing in Revit.
Thank you.

Feed list List.Transpose to Data. Overwrite should be Boolean value.

Thank you this was very helpful, however nothing is changing in Revit, the schedule is still the same. any idea why ?
thanks again

Do you want to flip the actual schedule in Revit? If so, it is not possible. You can transpose the list information while in Dynamo, but you cannot change the actual schedule in this way.

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Okay thank you.