Sweeping Along Curve with Distance Constraints

Hi All,

I’m currently trying to tackle a method to automatically create building envelopes for Revit in Dynamo. This means that we start with a plot of land (not necessarily rectangular), and create a 3D shape that adheres to zoning laws. The main challenge is that some edges need to be brought back by 5 feet, and others may need to be brought back 10ft etc.

For reference, the way we would manually create the envelopes is by taking the base shape and sweep along it in Revit with a profile that fits the conditions that we need. Revit makes it easy by allowing us to put constraints on how far the setback should be for each edge and automatically catering to those constraints.

Is there any way dynamo can do this as well along a polycurve?

Some far-fetched ideas I’ve already tried:
Offsetting the base diagram - I created offset lines of the edges I wanted but couldn’t get get a coherent shape by doing this.

Subtracting Solids - Extruding the base and subtracting 5ft or 10ft solids by using a selected line and its offset line, doesnt really work for corners.

Any ideas?

Vectors are the way to go - they’re lighter in terms of computational issues and more reliable in terms of speed, plus you won’t have to deal with the crazy overlap. Check out this post from @Kyle_Martin’s blog: