Create Revit Wall from base Curve

WallbyCrvHello, I feel silly asking this but I can’t make this work.

I have an ellipse (closed) and I would like to use this as the base for a wall. When I hook it up the “Wall.ByCurveAndHeight” component has an error - “The curve argument is not valid for rectangular wall creation”. The component works when I have a straight line input to it, so does this component not work with curved curves? Or closed Curves maybe?


Thanks a lot!


My understanding is that Revit does not support ellipses for walls and grids and you’ll need to approximate the elliptical curve with arcs. One option is the new “Curve.ApproximateWithArcAndLineSegments” node.

Hi Matthew

It is correct that you can’t create an ellipse directly with the Revit wall command which is why it probably isn’t working in Dynamo. I thought it might work with splitting the ellipse into quadrants but that didn’t work either.

The only way to do an elliptical wall in Revit is to create a mass first and then apply a wall (or curtain wall system) to the face of it. Dynamo probably works the same way so try this as a work around.

Thanks Dimitar and Paul, I’ll give these a go in the weekend.