Create a Sweep Blend Along a Path?

I am trying to create a sweep blend in Dynamo, but with no luck at all! I have looked at several past forum posts, however none of the solutions worked for me.
Here is what I am trying to do in Dynamo:
I used Revit to create a sweep blend, which is pretty easy. But need to create it in Dynamo if it’s possible.
To do this in Revit simply make the faces;

Select the faces and sweep profile/curve, then create the form.

I rotated it to create the mobius strip, and bam, I have what I need in Revit.
However, Revit does a pretty sloppy job when sweep blending and rotating the faces, as there are tons of small inaccuracies in the dimensions that make fine tuning nearly impossible. Also, I don’t have the near infinite customizations options as I would using Dynamo.

For the past week or so I have been trying to figure out how to create this structure in Dynamo., but I can’t do a sweep and a blend combined along a path. There isn’t a node that does that, and I am unaware of any packages that can do the job. This thread suggests that I need to use the sweep by loft node, however I am either using it improperly or it simply isn’t capable of doing what I want it to do:

I created the translated geometry and added them into a list, then, using a NURBS curve as the guide curve as the sweep profile cuve. My best guess is that it’s trying to create a blended extrusion, but because both profiles I need to blend together are parallel to the same axis, it cant create the extrusion. :frowning:

I posted this thread with what I have bee trying, however rotating and resizing the geometry of just a sweep isn’t possible as far as I know, so I’m trying to use a sweep blend along a path instead:

As always, here are the attached files if you would like to mess around with it:
Base Mass.rfa (620 KB)
Base.dyn (731.4 KB)

Any help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

-Avery Meijer