Sweep along patch with a cad profile

Hi friends!!!
I’m trying to get a railroad profile starting from a 2d cad profile (but if it’s needed I also have a family of 2d profiles) and a 2d cad path.
After many trials, different approaches and discovering new packages I finally get the sweep, but there is a problem: no solid is created, only lines.
Can someone help me?
I attach my script with an image, and an image with the result of the manual sweep operation.

Hi @Manuel_Rail ,

You have two workspaces: The Revit Workspace and the Dynamo Workspace. Your sweeps are now only created in the Dynamo Workspace and need to be exported to the Revit Workspace.

There are a lot of different ways to do this but you can look for those ways on the forums :slight_smile:


There are a lot of different ways to do this […]

for example? please give me any idea

DirectShape.ByGeometry from the Springs package could work.

It, however, really depends on how you want to port your .dwg-lines into Revit, that’s why I suggested looking into it yourself :slight_smile:

You could also just create a Family inside Revit which follows lines, then you won’t even need Dynamo.