Sweep node


I would like to share an issue with you about a sweep node. I am doing a sweep profile based on a path curve. As you can see in the photo. The node creates a sweep for all curves without two curves path

I checked the script again and turn the dynamo off than open the script again but the problem is still there. 121341
and I do not know what is the reason of the problem? any suggestion.

Can you expand the error on the last node for us?

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@sherifabdelhalim1 Can you also post your dyn?


First of all, thanks for giving me another way of thinking to create the pattern.
Let me explain something first, i am working on project. I am creating a pattern to facade of the building so The base curves for the facade is the floor edges. When I used spring curve offset node. It offset all curves including the base curves and make it intersect with the building ( i mean the floors and walls …). So I used that method with the same idea of offset but I modified little bit in the script. I created a function to making an offset without too much changing to the base curves.
In the end thanks a lot for give me another method of thinking.

here is the file
surface 5 .dyn (59.0 KB)

Can’t run the dyn (still rocking D1.3) but the workflow intent doesnt seem to throw any errors my way.


@sherifabdelhalim1 thanks! I may need the Revit file with the curves as well