Swapping families

So I’ve got a bunch of title blocks that need to be replaced with another title blocks.

Data remains untouched.

So let’s name them
fam. TB-old1 with several types
fam. TB-old2 with several types
fam. TB-old3 with several types

To be replaced with
fam. TB-new1 with several same types
fam. TB-new2 with several same types
fam. TB-new3 with several same types

Can’t figure it out. Found an article but that only swapped one type of type block. I need multiple. ANy thoughts?

Please add a screenshot of your graph


Please see attached.

You’re replacing the Family Name not the actual family or type. You need to get your current title block family types and your new title block family types. Align the lists so each type matches up with its replacement. Then you have your option of “find and replace” methods to change the Family Type of all the instances in your project.

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