Change type of severals families

Hi all.

I have a project where I need to change several families from one type to another.
For example I have 10 different families (family 1, family 2 … family 10) with 2 type families: A and B
I would like to change all type A families to type B

I have isolated the 2 differents list of families type (see the screenshot) but I can’t change the list 1 with the list 2.

Someone can help me?

Do you mean you want to switch family type of some family instances?

I want to switch all the istances of the family 1 type A with type B, the same with the family 2, 3…
I don’t know if is more clear now

Use SetParameterByName where:
element = List of actual family instance
paramteName = Type
value = List of new Type

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Thank you guys. Done but I had to add “All elements of family type” before the list of actual family instances.

Something Like this

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