Surfaces Selection node not appearing

Hello, everyone.

Is this happening to anyone else? I click on Surfaces Selection node but it does not appear in my graph view.
Already saying: Dynamo Core, Dynamo Civil 3D, Civil 3D

Thanks in advance!

What version of C3D do you use? Are both C3D and Dynamo up to date?
The node, is it the one from Civil 3D > Selection?


I guess they are up to date. Civil 3D 2023

And yes, it is. The option is there but when I click on it, it appears nothing in the graph view.

My Dynamo for C3D 2023 say this and it’s up to date.

And Civil 3D

Check if you can update Civil 3D to 2023.2.2

After a few days, finally I updated



But no success.