Nodes keep disappearing!

Lately a collegue of mine noticed that randomly his nodes would disappear upon opening a dynamo graph from Civil 3D. I thought he was crazy until I just experienced it myself. I created the graph, ran it with Dynamo window still open. Saved it and closed out. Tried to run it using the “Run Script” command inside C3D and nothing happened. Opened back up my graph to find one of my nodes no longer on the screen - as if I never even placed the node!

Please help me figure out what is happening or the fix! I’m teaching a hands on lab at AU and IF this happens, want to be able to convey the reasoning and fix.

it’s a bug that should already be fixed in the civil beta builds - it’s also doubly fixed on the dynamo side in master as of today.

Thanks Michael - Are you saying this has been fixed, or hasn’t as of yet? Can you be more specific as to which beta build you are referring to? I’m also running Dynamo Core : Dynamo C3D

What I mean is that it was fixed initially in civil, and then additional checks were made in Dynamo in 2.5 (master) to attempt to catch any other causes.

on the civil side I unfortunately don’t know which version of the beta builds - but I would use the latest possible.

the fix at civil side was in Civil 3D 2020.1. could you please to install latest update 1 to see if it fixes your issue or not.

hi Frank - did I miss an update? This is my current build

your version contains the fix. weird. we will need to take a closer look.
this post is a similar issue from your guys as well. right?
could you please reply the post with latest information?

I will request team to take a look firstly.

it’s worth noting that this issue can be caused by ANY other code, not just dynamo or Civil - anything that attaches a .net assemblyResolve handler - many addins or plugins will do this - so the first suspect is custom addins etc.

The changes made in Dynamo improve the situation a bit more generally.

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It hasn’t happened at all since updating to 2020.1.1 so maybe I didn’t have it installed when I thought I did… in any event, it definitely hasn’t happened with the latest 2020.2

Good news for us. Thanks @SMorykin for the info. Have fun at AU.

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Hi Frank,

Now I’m having the same issue missing some nodes in Dynamo after I saved them. Below are my software information. It happens randomly (not all the time). Could you please have a look at it? Thank you!

@rita update your Dynamo for Civil 3D to Beta 2