Surface Labels along a object/Polyline

I have written a script to place a surface label along a polyline, as past attempts to use the array function in civil 3d had failed. the script works but when selecting a second object, the labels along the first object are removed. Is there a node that can be added to allow the process to be repeated without deleting labels?



Hi @chodd85,

This is by design and is a result of element binding. Take a look at this post so you can know how to control it.

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Perhaps try using the select.objects node from the Civil3DToolkit package instead of the singular OOTB one. This would let you select all the lines you wanted, BUT if you ran the script again the previous labels would be deleted. Another option would be to make a special layer for your label line and have the script get all objects on that layer, then they would all be captured each time.