Please Help: Current Document Polyline OD to PS?

Good morning everyone!

This is my first delve into Dynamo, maybe I am getting a little to greedy in my ask for it for the little I have learned so far. Just getting my feet wet so to speak.

Ultimately, I would like it to read the Object Data from all Polylines in model space (Was object Data attached when importing the Shapefiles) and populate the Property Sets I made with the corresponding placeholders. I can then use some Line Labels targeting the PS information to make our lives a little easier/automated.

I was able to do it by selection, but am hitting a bit of a wall as to how to go about running for them all.

Any help, or direction on how to tackle this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you, kindly!


The Civil3DToolkit add-in has a node for manually selecting multiple objects if that is what you’re interested in. Sometimes manually selecting can be tedious so there maybe a different way that suits you better. I’d also suggest to do the set values (at the end) in a sequence instead of parallel to make sure they all get taken care of. You can do this by feeding all the objects into the first one, then connect the “object” output from “stepropertyvaluebyname” into the next one.

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