Feature line labels

There don’t seem to be many options for creating labels for Civil 3D objects in Dynamo, including the Civil3DToolkit. I did a quick search of the C3D Developer’s Guide and the C3D .net API Reference, but I’m no programmer and don’t dabble enough in python to know exactly what to do with what those reference sources provide.
Has anyone here ever tried creating a script for labeling multiple feature lines, or even general Civil 3D line labels?

Stay tuned. I have a new package coming soon that can do this.


Looking forward to it.
On that topic, do you have any other Dynamo packages that I should search for?

I don’t know of any for labeling if that’s what you mean.

Thank you for your efforts
If you can enter it to calculate the quantities of backfilling and cutting for the corridor

I believe that the package manager has a handy ‘filter by application’ feature to reduce content to just the packages which were developed with Civil 3D in mind. :slight_smile:

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@jameshitt check out Camber, my new package for Civil 3D. It has nodes for creating labels, one of which is a General Segment Label that works with Lines, Arcs, Polylines, and Feature Lines.


Hi, I installed your package however I am pretty new to dynamo and I can’t run it. Can you please describe how to run it? I am also trying to label multiple feature lines.

Hi @Hdalgic,

For the ‘object’ input, you’ll need to plug in a list of the objects you want to label (sounds like Feature Lines in your case). You can get that list through one of the various methods for selecting objects from Civil 3D, for example an All Objects On Layer node might be good if all the Feature Lines are on the same layer. Search around the forum for more examples of selecting objects from Civil 3D.

The ‘ratio’ input is where you want the label to be located. For example, input 0.5 if you want it at the midpoint.

The two style inputs are pretty self-explanatory. There are dropdown nodes in the package where you can choose which styles to use.

Also, if you hover over any input port on a node you will see a description of what should go in each port.

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