Dynamo bug running two similar scripts

Hello everyone,

Newbie with Dynamo for Civil i’m facing a little issue : i have two very similar dynamo scripts that analyse my alignments curves. They are testing my curves radius values and draw polylines to annotate my alignement, each script is using different radius values, different layers and different offset to build the polylines.
If i run the script in two differents drawing everything is working perfectly but if i run my two scripts on the same drawing the second script replace the polylines that where built by the first one…

Thanks for your help.

At first glance, it sounds like element bindings at work. This is an ongoing issue that has been discussed in other threads. See if any of these are similar:

I think I understand what your graphs are doing, but it would be helpful if you shared them.


Thank you it’s exactly the same issue sorry i didn’t found these topics!
I hope as @Anton_Huizinga that Autodesk will fix it really fast
I will try the lisp to see if it fixes temporarly the problem.

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FYI @nigel.peters @Nora.Li