I'm looking for dynamo scripts that allow for changing styles of civil 3d points

I’m looking for dynamo scripts that allow for changing styles of civil 3d points.
I want to be able to run the command from the command line and then select the objects I want to switch.

Also, I’m looking for scripts that may swap civil 3d:

  1. surface label styles
  2. profile view label styles
  3. section view label styles

Well at this forum we don’t create script to a user when the user ask for them but we can help you to solve the issue you have in the script you have created.
Please search for ”How to get help at the forum” to read more to get help. How to get help on the Dynamo forums
Otherwise you will be ignored.

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I don’t need you to create the script for me. I will start by asking you to help me to know how to select 1 or multiple Civil 3d objects. Let’s start there and I will then have a plethora of other quesitons. I did notice that there were ‘changing of styles’ issues on the forum. I will do some more searching but my task will be to focus on selecting objects and cycling through selected objects. Typically, the objects selected will be Civil 3d objects, but could be AutoCAD Objects as well.

Oki, regarding select object(s) by type this is a good example

For this you need to have the Civil 3D toolkit installed.

Instead of using the command line I would recommend run the graph from Dynamo Player instead of Dynamo which lower the steps for the users

And by using Dynamo Player you can have two graphs that are similar to each other but one select all objects of a specific type, the other one use the ”Select Objects” node from Civil 3D Toolkit.

This graph does not appear to do anything. Looks like 2 items are not hooked up. Also, can you have the user pick objects rather than depend on the graph to pick all items of one type?

I do have the civil 3d toolkit installed.

Also, If I have a command that autoloads then I will have fewer steps if I start the command from Autolisp.

To select One Object, use Select.Object from standard Dynamo for Civil 3D.
To select one or more object use Select.Objects with a ”s” from the Civil3Dtoolkit.

If you search or look around in Dynamo, on top you will find ”Selection” under Civil3D and there you can also find Select Object by Layer and Select Object by type (refer to the other thread I attached).

Have you read the updated Dynamo Primer? It’s really good, both for new and for experienced users.

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Can you send me the link to the primer?

You find a lot of info at the dynamobom.org website.
Learn - Dynamo BIM