I try to use the node “FamilyInstance.ByFace” and I had some not understanding how it works and what type of data is needed for his work.

Firstly, when I try to use the surface of the dynamo node is not working but when I create a surface in the space revit same surface can be used in this node. what is the difference and how to use the surface for this node without creating its in Revit space. I expect that i can use transaction and remove the surface from the space Revit after the creating family, but it seems this is not the surest way.

Second, I try to repeat this node using python, but an error occurs with data vodom me, please tell me how to solve it.

Hi Alexey,

Try using “FamilyInstance.ByFacePoints” from spring nodes package.

Unfortunately I need to place a family on the basis of the line.

archi-lab and Clockwork package has some nodes to place family on the basis of the line you should give that a try. Thanks to @Konrad_K_Sobon and @Andreas_Dieckmann who created those wonderful packages.

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Thank you for your answer but I was quite happy with the standard node. I just wanted to better understand what are the characteristics of its use. whether it is possible to assign any parameters of the dynamo surface without creating it in the space of Revit for use with this nod.

I found node in package clockwork who named revitreferencesurface.fromdynamosurface , but it doesn’t work because my version dynamo is newer. I guess it can be solve of my question.

@Alexey_Brichev - I believe that this is due to a bug in Dynamo: