GH/Rhino to Revit/Dynamo via Excel : Adaptive Component orientation

Hello Dynamo Community,

I have set up a neat little workflow from Rhino/Grasshopper to Revit/Dynamo via an Excel spreadsheet.
So from Rhino I pick a bunch of surfaces, and Grasshopper writes an excel file with 4 points per columns.
I then pick it up in dynamo to instantiate an adaptive component, a simple frame with a glass sheet. As long as my profile was a square, things were fine, but when I turned it into a rectangle driven by 2 parameters, then I realize there was a little issue with the orientation of the frame (see last pictures).

I wanted to see in dynamo if my normal were all pointing outwards, and it seems so.
Could it be that my profile is underconstrained in my family file?
Somehow it seems related to the position and the relationship with the XYZ axis.

I am wondering what is the issue, and would greatly appreciate a little hint.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Well, it seems I found out.

In the family file, I have changed my placement points to “Orthogonal in Family” and it did the trick. cheers