Is it possible to add color to a surface?


I think the answer is no but I want to be sure. I’m creating surfaces in the Dynamo preview, I’d like to use different colors for each surface.

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Currently not as you’re probably thinking, you can currently use revit’s visualization nodes to color the surfaces in the revit view, I believe Mantis Shrimp package also has some nodes to make this easier.

but! it’s in the works

Not, in Dynamo preview window. I think Ian posted a few times that he’s working on it, but nothing was published yet.

Hi Michael,

What visualization nodes are your referring too?

Hi Konrad, thank you for the reply, I’ll look for the Ian posts.





This is not the most straight forward way of doing things, but I think what Michael is referring to is a post that I made about hacking Autodesk Visualization Framework to use it as a visualization tool. Here’s the link:

It’s not fool, proof and doesn’t always work due to some strange behavior from Revit when importing surfaces, but it can be done this way.


Hi Konrad,

I’ll take a look. Thanks again!