Surface by Loft doesn't work

I’m trying to create a surface by loft using dynamo by importing a SAT file and create section profiles to loft between them, but the operation is failed although I have checked that the polycurves of profiles are closed as shown in image below. Anyone Could help please ??
the dynamo file and the SAT file are attached
I’m Using Revit 2021 and Dynamo 2.6

SHADE_Nurbs.sat (374.7 KB)
To Rhino_Mass.dyn (43.3 KB)

Try using a List.Clean node instead of the List.Drop, this will clean bad data our more consistently.

After that try making the surface in groups of 2 using a List.Chop node before the Surface.ByLoft node. If those work try 3, then 4, 5… until you get the error. Once you narrow it down look very closely at the failing curve combinations. Could be as simple as needing to reverse one of the curves.

Make sure that polycurves you want to use to loft are in proper sequence . you might use list.sort by key to make sure of order.

I already have sorted the curves before lofting

I try this but I think the problem is coming from the order of polycurve points or the polycurve direction
Is there any way to get the same start point for each polycurve ??

Check to see what the start point is. Curve.StartPoint will help there.

yes i did it and got polycurves that are not starting from the same start point, the question is hot to solve this problem to make all polycurves starts from the same first point