Surface.ByLoft problem


I am new to the dynamo. I am trying to create surface by loft using a line and sin curve Unfortunately I was stuck with an error "Warning: Surface.ByLoft operation failed. Unable to loft!: ACIS_EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION – Access violation " can someone help me where I went wrong.

Thank you

try to use NurbSurface by points instead

Thank you for suggestion. Actually i want to know why can’t it create a loft here. As per my understanding this node requires two cross sections to create a loft accordingly i have provided two cross sections here. so i just want to know why cant it produce surface between two cross sections

the problem is in your sequence in the first codeblock {0…900…30}
use it without brakets

0…900…30 like this
or use Flatten node

because with braket it will put your sequence in sublist,

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