Subcategory Visiblity in View Templates

I ran across an older post on SixtySecondRevit about hiding sub categories and am trying to fumble through something similar but am stuck on how to push the visibility into a view / view template. I’ve gotten the view templates isolated and can pull my sub category but I’m not seeing anything that will let me actually set a visibility anywhere. The video is using some Python to achieve the change but since it’s a year old I’m wondering if python is still needed or if there are some nodes I need to find.

The Graph so far:

@Chad_Clary Yes this can be done without Python :slight_smile: View Templates are treated the same as Views, so the View.SetCategoryOverrides node will work with View Template inputs.


I’ve got things mostly working but have a question - with the View.SetCategoryOverrides node can I combine categories into a list or do I have to have a node for each category/subcategory that I want to modify? Creating a list doesn’t seem to work.


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@Chad_Clary the View.SetCategoryOverrides node should handle a list of categories if you set the Lacing to Cross Product.

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That did the trick. One of these days I’ll actually remember to check the lacing…


No problem! I forget about lacing sometimes too :smile:

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