Control visibility of categories in RevitLinkInstance from View

I wish to disable the visibility of specific categories in a RevitLinkInstance or even all LinkInstances in the view.

Currently I have to do this manually by creating a view template where I go under Revit Links, Display Settings and then disable / enable them.

Then I need a view template for every view category I wish to seperate: Walls, Ceilings etc…

The biggest problem is that I cannot copy these view templates to another project. I can copy them, but my setup in my RevitLinks gets lost, because in another file there are other RevitLinks.

For this reason I wish to automate the whole process, but I cannot figure out a way to make this work.

Does anyone have a suggestion what would be possible with access to the API? Setting this up again and again feels stupid…

I did not find a way to control RevitLink categories by a filter. I would like to have a filter which says: Hide all LinksElements when not Category Walls or Category Ceiling.


Hi @Jannis,

You can vote for this feature to be exposed in the API on this Revit Ideas :


Thanks, voted straight away :slight_smile:

I still let the thread open in the hope that someone has an idea for a workaround.

Hi @Jannis …the only idea i have, is to play around with filters and use not contain and contain…

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I would agree with @sovitek that it sounds like the best solution for you would most likely be View Filters. We heavily rely on Filters to do this type of thing.
Depending on your work type and the frequency of different models, I have also seen folks use placeholder links to get all the settings correct on and then just Relink From for the project specific model. Personally not a huge fan of this, but in the right situations could perhaps be useful.


Yes Sean…dont think there are an easy solution here…looking forward to adsk open up for this here…

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