Visibilty of category in linked model


I am trying to hide all elements of a category in a linked model in all views. Yes I could go into each View Template and then to Revit Links, but I would like to turn them off globally.

I know there is a node for levels and grids which is great, but in this case it is reference planes I want to turn off. (Don’t ask why they are on, they just are!)

Running into an error though.

The node is expecting [View, Category, Overrides, Boolean] but you gave it [View, Category, String, Boolean]. The string is likely null but either way you’re trying to supply the elements instead of the category. You just need to input Reference Planes from the Categories node.


But if I do that, then how will I connect the actual link. Does it not need to say its the reference plane category from the linked model?

If the node was get all categories from linked model, then it would work I am assuming.

It’s a category override. You can’t control the linked categories separately - it’s all or nothing. You’d likely have to use View.HideElements (Archi-lab) to hide just the linked reference planes.