StructuralFraming.ByCurveLevelUpVectorAndType node not found


Hey Guys , I am new to the Dynamo Community.

I am not able to find the StructuralFraming.ByCurveLevelUpVectorAndType node which is used in the Advanced Tutorial ( Structural Framing).

Please Help !!!



That node was depreciated back in version 0.74. Try the new node called “StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve”, that works in exactly the same way and best if all needs less inputs!



Dimitar, i think that Samarjeet was asking about the method with Vector as it offered a unique opportunity to create a structural framing member at a custom angle without trying to use Rotation parameter. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately that option never worked out of the box and the only way to set the rotation of a beam was(and still is) by applying a new “Cross-Section Rotation” value.


Hi Samarjeet,

Using Dimitar Inputs you can use Custom Node Instance.Parameter.Cross-Section Rotation to set the rotation of a beam. Below is the Screenshot. Hope it helps!

Good Luck!





this node not working for non planar Curve , i have curve which have z value and curved on plan and elevation, it doesn’t work , any one can advise.


Hi Fathy,

It would be better if you can put here your workflow or screenshot. It is hard to say why it doesn’t work without looking at your workflow.