I can't find 'StructuralFraming.ByCurveLevelUpVectorAndType' port in Dynamo 8.0

Does anybody know what happened this port? i am creating some arch bridge using dynamo and Revit.

but i have some problems when i export to Revit from Dynamo.

Please look at dyn file below and tell me any comment.

I’m learning dynamo and got many trouble with new change of port.

Any comment will be helpful for me.

Thank you


Hi Kim,

That node was replaced a while back. You can find some more info on that here:


We have made the creation of structural framing elements much easier. Placing structural framing in 0.7.3 required users grappling with 5 input types, at least 2 of which were non-sensical to non-programmers and one that didn’t work (UpVector, at least in an obvious way). We are preserving the old node, as there are some edge cases where it still makes sense to use have it available, but we are breaking this functionality out into 3 more specific nodes, creating Beams, Braces, and Columns, with only 3 needed inputs.

In order to rotate the framing member, which seems like “up vector” should (but doesn’t in most cases) address, users can manipulate the “Cross-Section Rotation” parameter that is a built-in parameter for every member.


Hi Venkov,


Thank you for your reply and answer.

i understand that is happened.