Structural Plan View / Ceiling Plan View Confusion

Hello Dynamo-Community!

I have a big problem that keeps me from getting some nodes and scripts working.

By creating a StructuralPlanView with Dynamo i get a StructuralPlanView.
After running this graph i receive this view as a CeilingPlanView.

I need the View to be received as a CeilingPlanView. So after creating the View I have to find a node that changes it from StructuralPlanView to CeilingPlanView. Or i have to get a refreshed List of Views from where I can select the view. I´m already struggling for days and could´t find a solution.

By accident i found one node that does the trick, MEPover.View.SetCropBoxCurves. It magically puts the View out as ceilingplan. But thats no good solution…

For your understanding, all my Plans are Structural Plans with view direction up. In Dynamo they are calles CeilingPlanViews, but they are still StructuralPlans in Revit.

I would be very happy about any advice.
Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,

Hi Gerhard,
I am not sure if I understand your problem correctly but you are creating a view and changing the view direction to up in the same run?

As far as I know all views with view direction up are ceiling plans(someone correct me if I am wrong)

Are you looking to change the view direction of a view?

Hey MVE, thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

I´m sorry, i know it`s confusing, the problem in one sentence:

Dynamo says the new plan is a StructuralPlanView, but it has to be a CeilingPlanView.

No i don´t want to change view direction! The created plan already has view direction up! Thats why it has to be a CeilingPlanView. There is only one StructuralPlan familytype in my Revit-Project.

Here you can see the only node i found that changes the View to the right name.

Use this instead of the structural plan view creation node:

Hello Jacob,

I don´t want to create a ceilingplan. I want to create a structural plan.
Structural Plans with view direction up are only called CeilingPlanView in Dynamo.

Can you creat such a view in the UI? I tried and failed but I’m not a structural guru.

Why not create structural plan and play around with View Range?

It’s not a Dynamo problem.
A structural view with an upward direction is equated to a type of Ceiling view in Revit API

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Thanks for your replies!

@Jakob: It´s not only possible in the UI, my Dynamo script is in fact creating the right plan already. That´s not the problem.
@Kulkul: I don´t want or need to change the viewrang. I don´t know why you suggest it.
@c.poupin: Exactly, thank you for clarification!

So let´s get back to the real problem here.
Please keep in mind: Dynamo creates the correct Plan! I get what i want in Revit!
BUT: In the line of nodes that create the plan, dynamo keeps putting the plan out as a StructuralPlanView! Somehow i have to force it to REFRESH/UPDATE the view. Because it should be a ceilingplanview, as you can see it is after running the script.

Is there some way to start a new transaction and get a refreshed list of views or something like that?

I’m lost. What do you want to do? A full graph image and some screenshots of where you are may help me get caught up, unless others are more familiar with what you are after here can help you out.

Perhaps a Transaction.End node after creating the view and applying the crop box curves, then a Transaction.Start node to delink to Revit.

Sorry for the confusion Jacob, tried my best to explain :grin:

This picture is the full graph to explain my problem:

The cropbox node was only an example, that there are nodes out there that change the plan from StructuralPlanView to CeilingPlanView.

I will post a complete graph where this behavior is going to make trouble, but i think this will make this much more confusing.


I agree with Jacob you are hard to follow.
But i understand you want to change Views that are Structural Plans into Views that are Ceiling Plans.
AFAIK Views are Types and you can’t change them after you created them.
I guess you have to make new Views which are Ceilings Plans.

Knipsel Knipsel
You can’t go from this to this.

Sorry bvs, seems that its hard to explain and hard to understand.
You missunderstood.
I never wanted to change a Structural Plan to a Ceiling Plan!
I am working and have ever only been working with Structural Plans.

BUT a Structural Plan with view direction UP is called a CeilingPlanView in the Revit API and in Dynamo, thats not my fault :grin:

But what exactly is the problem with that? :slight_smile:

Ok, and this causes trouble in your Graph (.dyn)?

Also try to be more clear, becasue your own words :point_down:

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Yes bvs my quote is corret, it has to be a CeilingPlanView!

I wanted to keep this as simple as possible thats why i didnt add a full graph where this behavior makes a problem, i will add one when i´m home from work!

Because it seems not 100% clear already, here the whole problem in one picture:

Adding a transaction end node as Jacob said might help I thinkbut why I don’t really follow as to why you need this to happen.
I think your complete graph will help other users to give you an awnser that is useful for you.

Did you pick the right View in the first place @gerhard.p? You can have duplicates there.


If you want Dynamo to ‘know’ it is a Ceiling Plan why start of making a Structural Plan in the first place?

You can change te View Direction of Structural Plans. So your statement is wrong.


I can’t replicate your issue myself. My Sturctural Plans stays a Sturctural Plan
both in Revit and in Dynamo.
My guess is you picked the wrong View in Views.
If not, we need to see more of your Graph (.dyn) to help you because
I have no clue how your Structural Plan ended up as a Ceiling Plan in Dynamo.

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Hello bvs :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please tell me which statement is wrong, i´m happy to explain!

Yes, i know that i can change view direction, i thought thats what the whole thread is about^^
No, i did`t pick a wrong view.

I know that you all just want to make shure that i´m not making a mistake anywhere, but i didn´t know that i have to proofe any statement i make with a picture. I will do that from now on!

And bvs, you can´t replicate the problem when you have view direction down as a default setting. But thank you very much for trying!

Please give me another try, i will show you pictures in revit to clear things up.

I replicated your issue.

Don’t know why this is. @JacobSmall can you explain why this happens?
(Structural Plan with View Direction Up is a Ceiling Plan in Dynamo)