FloorPlanView.ByLevel prompts to rename

When I use the FloorPlanView.ByLevel node, I get the typical Revit prompt:

Would you like to rename corresponding level and views?

Is there any way to suppress that prompt in Dynamo?

I should add that I have just created that Level using Level.ByElevationAndName.
The next step is to create the Floor Plan and Ceiling Plan Views.
Both of the Plan Views are named differently than the Level
Plan: 05-Floor

I looked into this once but I never got too far. You should be able to catch it with an event handler and possibly set the overrides there.

Hi @DaveP,

are you looking for like this ?

This one is from Quasar package.

Thanks, but I was talking about the “Base View” that gets created when a Level is created.
Sort of like this discussion at RFO