Structural Framing x,y,z and length through excel

I’m new to dynamo and it placing my framing family fine but setting the start and end point from the xyz input has been a bit of a struggle.

Over view of what I’m trying to achieve:
Excel generated layout with xyz start and then a overall length of the framing element

Goal is:
Dynamo to read the Family type from excel, and place those instances at the specified xyz coordinates at the set length

After this I plan to build this out as well to generate my columns as well

Issues so far:
Framing appears to be coming in at the center mark of a default length and I cannot manage to set the overall length correctly

in order to create structural framing in Revit using dynamo you need two points or a line defined first
for structural columns you only need one point
so I would recommend you do the following
in your excel spreadsheet
create an x1,y1,z1 and then an x2,y2,z2
then bring that to dynamo then
in dynamo create a line between those points
in dynamo create a structural beam on that line that you created in dynamo bewteen the points you got from excel
the beam type you could still pull form excell

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Thanks Marcello, I had just figured it out as I saw this post

Just what I came up with, Thanks!

Hello Marcello, your replies vert heplful for me,:grinning:
and I have more question…
you advised structural frames needs two points, but then, we only get a straight line.
If I want to make curved structural frames, how can I do that?
actually I want to draw curved frames that has two or more changing sections…

search for nodes that start with ARC…