How can I place structural frame families by the path

Hi Guys, I’m very very fresh man of Dynamo.

Already I’ve asked this but I have not solved this problem yet…

There are various structural frames with varying cross-sectional shapes. These structural frames are supposed to be placed on one curve, and I want to place these structural frame families one at a time from the starting point of the curve, given the distance from Excel.

I want to make it like this

use Excel

How can I load a structural frame family with a length defined by Excel?

I want to place a structural frame sectionA up to 5m from the start of the curve, then a structural frame sectionB (as defined in Excel) from 5m to 10m… what node should I use?

Section A is used one more time after 37m from the beginning of the curve. Other sections are used repeatedly as well. In this case, can I save the second or third SectionA with a different name with special rules?

  1. Explode the polycurve so you get single segments instead of a single polycurve when you make the structural framing.
  2. Feed a list of your family types needed, in the order you need them instead of a single one when you create the structural framing.

Thanks, Jacob.
Your replies and posts are very helpful to me.:slightly_smiling_face:

Should I cut every sections of curves?
there are so many sections I have to put on the path…
and also many points are in the curve.

If I have to Load and put Structural Framings every time, there is no reason to use Dynamo:disappointed_relieved:

Isn’t there another way to solve it?

Not sure what you mean by cutting sections of curves.

You don’t have to manually select these - just create a list of the family types needed based on a the same logic you would use.

If I have to load and place structural framing every single time…
I have so many different sections…:disappointed_relieved:
I have to place multiple families by the path…
every family has different sections and have to be placed by path and they must have their length (defined by excel)…
And I want place them, by cumulative distances…
(section A starts at the start of curve, and has length 20m, section B starts at the point that 20m away from the start of curve…)