Steel Framing

Good morning to all. I write with the intention of knowing how to be able to make a steel framing structure in revit with Dynamo’s help since currently in the projects I do I have to make a grid and place profile profiles. Who knows how to automate that process faster in each different project?

Beam by curve should do the trick for you quite readily. What have you tried?

What I usually do is: first they pass me the project, then in the plant I place grids every 400 mm (x and y) and then I place PGC profiles at the intersection of each gang. but only in line with the walls of the project. How could the program detect each time a new plant entered the intersections? How do you think I could do it, according to what you tell me? My Dynamo level is basic. but I can read and study what is required.

Start with the Dynamo Primer:

Don’t skip anything as it’s all important, even if the ‘task’ doesn’t look relevant - the methods used are the important bit not the results.