Create beams by axis

have the intersection points of axis,how to use these points to create the curves using to create beams

Do you have anymore info? Pictures of the Data in Dynamo and how it is structured?

Is you have the Curves over which you want to place the beams you can use Beam.ByCurve

here are the points.

Do you mean something like this as a result?


That is not achievable with the flat list you have now.

Structured Data is everything in Dynamo.


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Wow!Amazing-thank you! It works well except the StructuralFraming.BeambyCurve Core.I have choosen level 2,but the beams are still in level 1.

Correct. The lines are made from the Grids and inside Dynamo grids don’t have an elevation. After step 3 you can translate the beams towards the elevation where you want them. e.g. select level 2, read out the elevation and move (translate) the to that Z coordinate.

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Thank you!A big help for me! But now,i have another question . It’s a rename grids flow.Can you find the mistake in the picture?It’s strang,I can’t find the reason.Thank you again.!

Hi, I see more then 1 mistake in the graph. Please let us know what the warnings/errors are that the nodes give (the yellow ones). The bottom flow already starts different then the top one.

I will focuss on the top one: As I said above, What does the yellow node on the end say? What is the error? The last node Grid.Renumber is a node from a Package. I don’t know what happends there but there are different approaches to rename grids, you dont need custom nodes for that.

Below you see my approach to change grid names without errors. the Orange groups are the important ones.

Thank you for your reply! I have already found a new way to rename the grids.So,it’s not a trouble for me now. :grinning: