Steel Connection Parameters


i got a steelframe construction with IPE beams and HEB columns. I don’t know the height of my steel connection (voute) yet. But I know the height of the room which is used ( sorry I don’t know the right word in english for that). So I want to set the column height equal to the height of the IPE profile + height of the steel connection + room height.

How can i select the parameters of the connection?


@m.k Please post what you have done so far

Ok. So this is my first dynamo project and I’m the newbiest newbie on earth.

I tried at first to come to the point where I am now. “Parameter bearbeiten” means “edit parameter”. I just want to go deeper if you know what I mean. If you go in Revit and click on “Parameter bearbeiten” it will open this connection window:

I want to get the second line because the second line is the height and I want that this height is parametric in dynamo.

Greetings and thank you for your reply!

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Have a look here:

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Thank you!