Add parameter (propping) to an element



I am using Dynamo for Revit and I would like to know if there is a way to add the parameter propping (distance from the top of the bottom floor to the bottom of the upper floor) to all the columns or walls of a project.

Thanks for your help







Hey Emma,

One way of doing it would be to :


-Create a project parameter called “Propping” for walls and columns


-Use the bounding box of the elements to get the value you want and populate the parameter in revit


Hi Mostafa,

Thanks for your explanation.

I have just tried but I find the “height” of the columns which included the upper slab.

For example it give me 4000 instead of 3530 which is the information I would like.

Do you know if there is a way to get it ?








Thanks a lot!


I see.

I am affraid this issue has more to do with te way things are modeled in revit. Things like “switching join order” or the use of rooms might help.

If someone has a 100% dynamo solution i would be very interested too !



Hi Mostafa,

I finally find a way to extract the propping value from the volume of the columns. I am putting manually the columns dimension because I didn’t find out how to get the parameters b and h from the type properties. Any idea ?

Thanks for your help,





Hey Emma,


It’s interesting that the volume only takes into account the propped height.

Here’s a way that retrieves the area of the columns without having to type a and b values manually. There are probably more advanced ways to do it but i think it’s simple enough and it works.


Hope it gets you where you want


I do not think this is a more advanced method, but it is another method to obtain b and h from the type parameters.



Thanks a lot both are working but the second one is quicker to run!