Set parameter value connection

Hi guys,
I am using Revit 2019.2
I create Cope connection by Steel.
Now, i want to use dynamo set parameter value of parameters (like picture) 1. 2. 3. 4. = 0
But i can’t set by Element.SetParameterByName node.
How to solve this issue ?

Thank in advanced.

i think it is about parameter name , maybe it is " Distance web" without 1.
in any way check the parameter name by using Element.Parameters node , put it after select model element node

Hi @khuzaimah.ElecEng
I tried 2 ways you said but it’s not working

when you connect the node element.parameter, it should gives you a list of the element parameter, see them and see what is your desired parameter, how it is written, the delete it

now back to your original script and write the parameter the way you read it

i this exapmle below: see the parameter number 6

it is Panel : DB-L1-01

so the parameter name is “Panel”



I know how to get parameter name.
But with connection, i can’t.
Can you help me ?

i believe this parameter has nested parameters in it. Try retrieving its parameter again and see it if can be done

If you are trying to adjust steel connection properties that are accessed by the ‘Modify’ button, you may want to review the discussion points below for some further information.

Options for interaction are currently a bit limited, but that will hopefully change soon. :wink:

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