Structural Framing Start Connection / End Connection Symbol

Hello everyone,
I have been trying, with no luck, to set the Structural Start and End Connections via Dynamo, for structural steel framings.
I tried to set the parameter using Family Type, Family Type Id, Family Type Name.
Nothing worked.
Using the “Family Type” I don’t get any error but the parameter does not change at all.

Many Thanks

The StorageType of Start Connection and End Connection is ElementId. This means that the value of the parameter is an Element itself. In the example you provided, you tried assigning element ID of a Moment Connection annotation object. In the below screenshot I retrieved the actual ElementId of the “Moment Connection” value for the End Connection parameter, used the Id to get the Element from the document (using a node from the Clockwork package). I then set the value of End Connection to the actual Moment Connection element.

End Connection Example.dyn (29.8 KB)

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Awesome. Thanks a lot!

Hi there, I recently had the same quest and after looking into the solution provided which is extremely helpful i stumbled across an alternative method which may also prove useful.

The solution below did not appear after obvious searches “Setting start and end connection” Or “Set moment symbol” However once I discovered the name of the element type and searched for “beam connection type” the link below appeared in the search. I hope this helps.