Get Instance Parameters - Beam Height - Feet VS mm

Hello folks,
I am having some troubles in getting an “instance parameter” of a steel beam in the right unit…

it is giving me it in feet, I would like to have it in mm.

The Revit Project is set in mm

Thanks in advance.

Hello, there’s an OOTB node called Convert Between Units, I think…


something like this is what you would have.


Hello Tom,
thanks for your reply.

Ok, I can convert it to mm, but I would like to understand why Dynamo gives me the dimension in that specific unit.

Depending on the element I select i get different result. Clearly, must be something relative to the beam family. I tried with another steel family and no problems (even though the units are set to Feet in the .rfa ) - see below

One more instance: the method above works generally fine for RC elements.

What I would like to achieve is getting the top line of every beam, and then move it down of half of its height, so to find the central line. Need to do so to place braces from central lines. And as you can understand I need to have a script which woks for every case.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks again

There should be a “z Justification” parameter in the properties of your beam that can be set to center

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here is the draft for the node,

Big help from Marcello Sgambelluri post, for a complete understanding of the blue line in framing.