Starting Dynamo - section boxes -import export SAT files - Inventor


About to try & learn Dynamo (& Revit!) - I can manually import a 100MB sat file into a section box & export a cropped section - into 10 off 10MB files. (SAT files)

This should be possible to automate using Dynamo (any tips)?

(is there any way to specify the size & co-ordinates of a section box - currently these slightly overlap - which is ok, but my searching around hasn’t uncovered how to set a box size accurately).

The sat file will then be opened in Inventor & saved as .ipt files - (thinking of using iLogic for this).

Currently the 10 section boxes are saved & reopened to import the next SAT files, then re saved & the updated SAT file exported.



Here is what I used to create section boxes, the rhythm package should have the node you need:

I had to convert the bounding box to cuboid and then back to a bounding box, otherwise it wouldn’t work.

Many Thanks, I like the idea, next question:

Is it possible to loop through the co-ordinates, guessing to split up 100,100,100 (into 1000 off 10x10) would be (made up code!):

(x,y,z) : (x2,y2,z2)

z = 0 to 10 step 1
y = 0 to 10 step 1

A=0 to 10 step 1
x = x *a

A=0 to 10 step 1
x2 = x2 *a+10

(similar for y & z )

(output a cube named xyz)

Next y

Next z




Cross-lacing is perfect for this, if you are not familiar please read the Dynamo Primer about lacing :slight_smile:
See if this helps:

2022-12-19 Create Grid of Cuboids or BoundingBoxes by Height, Width and Gridsize.dyn (25.9 KB)