Export Dynamo data (Quad points and lines) to Inventor / sketch up

Hi all,
just started with dynamo and i love it . I build a quick model in dynamo as you see in the picture. i divided the surface with panel quad and now i need to export this and only this (without the original loft surface) to inventor. i alreadt tried:

export stl from dynamo - the invntor can open it but there are to many lines and its not seems as my panel quad model. the model open as mesh in inventor and i couldn find any way to edit this model and seperate the panel quad from the other lines.
export the blue dots model from revit to autocad / inventor / sketchup - doesnt worked…
Edit the mesh in diffrent softwares - no succes.
export to sketchup from dynamo - no sucsees.
can you think of a simple or even complicated way to transform this panel quad dots and lines to inventor ?
its “life saving” if you can help

Hi @meavner
Inventor has a large number of import formats and SAT is one of them. Use ExportToSat node.

Have you tried exporting to OBJ?

I have tried to export sat file. Its just give me the geometry with milion points. Didn’t kniw i can export from dynamo to obj? Is it special pack?

Dynamo Mesh Toolkit


like this


I don’t have Inventor handy- but this is the STL file produced.
out.stl (334.1 KB)

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