Importing SAT file into Revit 2021 with Dynamo?

I have been struggling with Dynamo (within Revit 2021). My current goal is to import an SAT file (from Fusion 360) into Revit 2021. I have recently discovered Dynamo located under the manage tab.
This is the tutorial I have been following mainly:

I can not find the correct node that creates lines on the surfaces of my SAT file. I have correctly set up the following nodes: File Path > Geometry.ImportFromSAT + Number > Geometry.Scale.

In the tutorial at 4:43 minute mark, there is a node called “Structure.WireGrid” This node has three inputs: surface, U, and V. And two outputs: Lines, and Points.

This is the node I can not find a replacement for. I have tried UV.ByCoordinates, and DividedSurface.ByFaceUVDivisionsAndRotation.

I have not been able to get past 4:43 minutes into the tutorial. Have you run into this problem before?

This node was part of the Lunchbox package, but unfortunately it’s discontinued.

** Note that we have discontinued the Dynamo versions of this tool. Current and future versions of LunchBox are built for Grasshopper.*

From their website:

I can’t find the last downloadable version for Dynamo.

You can maybe try some of the OOTB nodes from Geometry :arrow_right: Tessellation, they seems similar to this one from Lunchbox:

Or maybe Surface.GetIsoline.

A 2019 version of Lunchbox for Dynamo 2.x, see if it still works
Maybe it helps
Rename from .txt to .zip first
LunchBox for Dynamo.txt (1.6 MB)

Thanks I’ll try it the try the tessellation first. If they’ve discontinued a node, they certainly would have replaced it with something better. At least I’m hoping.

Can you help me finish this node layout? I am working in the Metric Mass template for Revit 2021. Which I believe means I am attempting to create a family. How do I finish the output to revit or to a revit family?

what about “Topography.Mesh”? would that work for my situation?

Use Spring Nodes for creating the Family.
Two paths available, either FamilyInstance.ByGeometry or DirectShape.ByGeometry.

Topography.Mesh is for Revit Toposurfaces, not for regular solids.

I tried to find a similar nodes to the one from Lunchbox, but I couldn’t find one. Meshtoolkit has some similar nodes, bot none of them is an exact reproduction of this one.

I used “Mesh.ByGeometry”, part of Meshtoolkit. It looked like it did something but to my SAT file, but I’m having trouble telling exactly what it did. I mean I saw some movement on my model when I changed my number/integer node.
This is where I am at right now:

Should I connect an additional node on to the output port of “Mesh.ByGeometry”?

Edit: when i left click on the “Mesh.ByGeometry”, portions of my model become highlighted in blue

just to clarify, do you mean Spring nodes or String nodes?

Did you script work correctly?

Not exactly, I tried a different tutorial which got me fairly close.
I asked this question for two reasons:
because of the class I was taking at the time
And to learn about dynamo/revit.
Once I passed I kind of drifted to other things but I still would like to revisit it.
One question I still have is how to bring my shapes from revit into dynamo.
I followed this tutorial:
But I’m still missing that final step in making my tower show up inside revit