Stand Alone Dynamo Tools Please


I’m an old Autolisp programmer learning Dynamo for REVIT. As soon as I saw the ‘list’ nodes I got a little excited.


Now . . . . it appears so far that the user has to actually open up Dynamo and the code to the dyn file before they can use the program / nodes in REVIT. I don’t want the users screwing around with my code. I want to create a command / tool and make it available to the users but see no need for them to actually open dynamo or the dyn file for that matter ?


Am I missing something here ? In the end I want a tool on the ribbon and I don’t want to have to get Dynamo installed on every PC in the building nor do I want people opening up the dyn file with access to the code. I want a ‘compiled’ tool or command that works as a stand alone on the desktop.


Am I making sense. What am I missing ?



Dynamo has a sandbox mode that comes installed with it. It is under your start menu. To my knowledge, this runs without the Revit libraries loaded.


If you are on Subscription and have installed the R2 updates, Dynamo gets installed automatically.

There is definitely something to be said for having a compiled tool, and if you want that, C# and VB are available. I do hope that at some point a Dynamo dyn will be able to be “compiled” complete with a ribbon shortcut, but not right now (there are bigger fish to fry as this is still beta software).

If you want to limit user access to the “code”, you can always highlight a collection of nodes, right-click, and “Create a custom node”. This will bundle all of the nodes you highlight into one node, which can then effectively shield most of your code except for the data inputs from the prying hands of untrained users. You can then simply train people to Open Dynamo, click two buttons, push Run, then close Dynamo.



Great thx. Good answer. Not the answer I was hoping for . . . however the correct answer none the less !


I havent had chance to try it but there already seems to be a addon about that runs dynamo directly from revit.

It allows you to apply the variables through revit without opening dynamo which is great for hidding your complicated code away while also having variables that a user would have to select prior to running the script.