Auto Run an script

Hi All,

I have a script which i want to run automatic while i open revit without open dynamo.

can anyone help me for this…

Thank you


I don’t believe that is possible.

As I understand it, you would need to write a code based solution, in a language such as Python (you could look at PY Revit) or C# (Joshua Lumley has great video tutorials for creating macros).

Hopefully that is useful,


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If you decide on the C# route with an add-in, check out the @TorsionTools GitHub for a great start.


I believe you could look at building a command that:
Opens Revit,
opens the given file via drag and drop onto an icon,
opens Dynamo player,
opens the desired graph in Dynamo player,
runs the graph,
Let’s the user do their thing from here.

This will be much slower and likely more difficult to maintain than an add-in of the same, or have the user just open player and then run the graph themselves as their first action.

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