Dynamo Studio and Revit

Hello, I am new in this forum and would apreciate some help with this matter. I just installed Dynamo Studio in order to check the differences with the open-source version and came to this question. Is it possible to use this version as a revit plug-in, as you do with the open-source? I just ask because it might be interesting to use the import dwg functionalities with revit models but I don´t see how to do it. Thanks a lot

Hi Joan,

Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qMSFxOu_Dw


Thank you very much for your answer, both videoa are very interesting. As far as I can I see, in the video he first generates a .dyn file with dynamo studio and then open it with dynamo for revit. My problem is that whe i try to do so the nodes related with importing dwg files give an error so I can´t use the file. I attach a screenshot. Am I doing something wrong?

Are you using the same version of dynamo for studio and Revit?

Just as nodes specific to Dynamo for Revit don’t operate in Dynamo Sandbox/Standalone, it’s unlikely that Dynamo Studio specific nodes will work with regular Dynamo

That´s what I suppossed. Then there is no way to use these Dynamo Studio specific nodes with Revit models? (And yes, I´m using the same version)

What is the point of Dynamo Studio then if we can’t use it for building code for our Revit projects or have access to any of the Revit nodes outside of using the free one that comes with Revit? We were hoping for some means to be able to code or have multiple sessions or files open without being reliant on having an active model open while doing live programming.

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