Automatically loading custom nodes

hello everyone!

I have few custom nodes that I built for my script.
However, is there a way where I can activate those nodes every time anyone opens the script?

So far I’ve been dragging those custom node .dyf files into Dynamo every time I open it - however someone who doesn’t have those .dyf file won’t be able to use them.

I researched and tried to find what other people did but couldn’t really figure out.


Create a package and locally deploy that to others in your office, or use the package manager to deploy it to anyone who might need it. :slight_smile:

Thanks @JacobSmall

Quick question, what if im or someone is using Batch Processor and the package needs to be automatically uploaded ? Is there an automatic deployment of a package?

Not that I have seen. Better to put the packages in place for all users at deployment of Revit or Dynamo.

@JacobSmall hmm got it - so ill have to manually put those package folders in each member’s computer… do you think another solution could be just ‘explode’ each custom node and hard code or hard node them in the main script file? In that case I don’t have to go through the process of manually distributing the packages.


Manually is silly… you could write a Dynamo graph that copies them into place… or better yet have IT set it up so the folder gets moved to that location when they log-in.

I would not recommend breaking down the nodes or hard coding things. This will lead to an absolute maintenance nightmare in the coming years when you have to open each DYN and do a save as for a new version of Revit or Dynamo, and then refer people to new graphs for this version vs old graphs for that version…

It is likely that AEC should learn from software industry here - they put the libraries needed on the local disc and update them locally, all via packages. Leveraging this at a high level is tough, but if you want to scale things you’ll need to learn how to do so in your environment.