About creating curved reinforcement

Because the attached solid is a surface, the method is to select the face to create the curve, because the curvature of the solid itself is irregular.

How to create a curve on a surface first!!

After picking the face, use the node to create the edge line and vertex, how to generate the curve, and how to generate the reinforcement.

My go to package for sketch driven rebar is the Structural Design package by @tomasz.fudala, which has great nodes for making most rebar and reinforcing types.

In order to create sketch driven rebar, you have to have a sequence of lines which are planar. Complex geometry rarely allows this easily, but it can be converted with a few nodes.

Basically you want to find the surface’s UV parameter where you want the rebar to start and stop, and then use those UV values to create isocurves along the surface. Those Isocurves can be pulled into a planar shape, and then generate rebar there.

The problem with this method (as you can see in the GIF above) is that the flattening will often distort the original isocurves enough that there will be issues with the geometry. The amount of this will depend on how complex your original surface is, but it can be quite extreme.

I’m attaching the DYN for this even though it might not be what you want because of that deformation, I’m attaching it as it’s a good educational tool and it might suit your needs.
Rebar - Pull to Planar Sketch.dyn (69.7 KB)

To keep things consistent, you’re likely better off using a freeform rebar method. Unfortunately I don’t know of a node for this method in Tomasz’s Structural Design package. So I shuffle up to the DynamoRebar package, which has such a node.

This version of the graph:

And the file so you can play with that:
Freeform rebar.dyn (51.4 KB)

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