Staged / Stepped Walls in Revit

Is there anyway that i can create stepped walls on Revit just like the image below? There is a script i’ve seen once that walls follows topography, but its not staged. How can i do this?

Hi @fabknop ,

The steps I would probably take:

  1. Load the guiding curve into Dynamo as a single (poly)curve.
  2. Split the curve, for example at 1 meter intervals.
  3. Determine the heights you want each curve to be, lets say 1 meter above the ground on average. You can calculate this by, for example, getting 10 points on each subcurve and averaging the z-value.
  4. Using these heights create different planes.
  5. Project your curve parts onto these planes, such that they are flat.

Now you have the upper and lower curve for each wall part and you can expand/ actually create your wall from here

Let me know if you have any specific problems or if you don’t know how to do all steps.

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