Stadium nods

hii .. i need to know how make the dynamo file of stadium .. and what's the nods used to make it ... i try make it many time & failed .. plz .. its important for a similar work for my

the link of video

thnx alot .. :))

Take a look at this post:

Thanks, hope this helps


I’m curious what the best method is for creating the bowl.

Is it best to use Dynamo within a profile family and then a sweep in a generic model. This means updating Dynamo will not have an immediate visual feedback until you reload the profile family into the project. However, if you try to use Dynamo directly in the Revit file, you will only be able to create an import instance and not an inplace family correct which is not that useful.



There was a blog post some time ago about transforming profiles sketched in a drafting view:

You could try adopting a similar scheme for the stadium and have something that is “live” in the project file. Here’s how my quick 5 minute set-up looks like: