Dynamo 0.9.1 Release Candidate Posted

Please help us test Dynamo 0.9.1 as we approach our next stable release. The Release Candidate can be found here:


Please post your feedback here. Thank you!

This is great! Looking forward to putting this version through its paces! Will post updates soon!

I noticed in the readme that Dynamo studio includes the ability to read DWGs from file, is this not in the Dynamo for Revit version?

Hey John,

Yes, the DWG read capabilites coming in Autodesk Dynamo Studio are not available in Dynamo for Revit 0.9.1. While Dynamo for Revit users can already import and reference files directly from imports in Revit, Dynamo Studio users currently can’t access any external geometry outside of SAT imports and OBJ (with the Mesh Toolkit package). For the upcoming Studio release we have done some work with Studio to allow direct referencing of DWG files on disk, which utilizes Autodesk components that are not currently available in Revit. This is the first step in development work that will expand both the import and export capabilities of the standalone application. -Z

Awesome! Thanks Zach! (looks like it’s time to get a copy of Dynamo studio to play with.

Wow. my Background Preview issue is gone by this 0.9.1. And although I could not create Direct Shape model on Revit Japanese + Dynamo 0.9.0, now I can create Direct Shape model on Revit Japanese + Dynamo 0.9.1. Thank you very much.

One question. Did you change “ESC” key behavior for Library? When I push “ESC” key if I work in the work space, the Search box is always clear and I can type. However, 0.9.1 is not clear if I’m not active the cursor in the search box.



Hello guys. My Background Preview does not appear in SandBox since the 0.9.0 version. As Revit plug it appears a moment and disappear in others. I realized that by moving the library it appears if you are missing in the second case.

In the first case could make the bakcground SandBox malfunction, by adding an exception to the settings of my video card, but the Revit suffered side effects and did not work on the other.

Below are the settings I’m using.

PC - Config 04

PC - Config 03


There is a change in behavior for search.

Now your cursor needs to be in Search edit box and then only you can clear the text in it.

We have implemented “In Canvas Search” to access our nodes even easily.

Just do Right Click and start typing.




Hi Ritesh-san,

> There is a change in behavior for search.

I could understand. Because “In Canvas Search” doesn’t have filter function, I’d like to request to add filter function in Canvas Search.


Hi Ricardo-san.

> My Background Preview does not appear in SandBox since the 0.9.0 version

My issue was Revit + Dynamo’s background preview. Although it was fixed in 0.9.1, I cannot view anything in sandbox’s background preview, too. It is white blank only.



Short review here :slight_smile: http://sixtysecondrevit.blogspot.com/2016/02/dynamobim-091ooh-shiny.html

I agree with Makoto on the search feature, I felt it was faster searching that way.

Was the customizer feature removed from the Dynamo for Revit version?

Hi John

Yes, Customizer publishing is now available in the currently available version of Dynamo Studio, released Feb 19. Revit functionality is not accessible online, and it seemed confusing to expose this functionality in the Revit environment. You can download Studio from here to try it out (trial version lasts for almost 3 months).


Will do. Thanks guys!



I’m a little gun-shy about installing 0.9.1 because of the backward compatibility issue (until I can push out to all my users with confidence). Are both 0.9.0 and 0.9.1 available for use within Revit after install (similar to how 0.8.2 and 0.9.0 are both available)?

I would agree with Makoto and Patrick that something was lost in the keyboard search functionality. Often times you know the node that you need, and you can just start typing in the workspace. Hit enter and there it is…it is very fast for the common nodes that you need. No mouse involved.

While I understand the merit of canvas searching if you don’t know the exact node that you need, but if you have your favorite nodes, then typing without right clicking is much faster…imho. (You can type in Revit without having to right click.)

Is there any way to have both the right click feature and the standalone typing function? And if I had to choose, I may prefer the older method. Also while I am asking, is it possible to add keyboard shortcuts for the nodes?